John Bastin, 2013 Recruit to MA-TF1

We Will Never Forget

I was the Medical Officer of the Day for the medical clinic on Naval Air Station Brunswick Maine on September 11th. Shortly after the 1st tower fell the base went on lock down and went into our highest protective posture. We weren’t sure what was going on or if we were at risk for attack.

I got permission to meet my wife off base so she could bring me some personal items not knowing how long long it would be before I got to go home. The thing I remember the most was the looks on the faces of my kids when I pulled up in a security vehicle, dressed in cammies, and wearing a side arm. This was in addition to the 3 marines who established a tight perimeter around us. They were pretty little at the time but still knew something was up. There was no giggling or jumping around as I would expect them to do. They just huddled around me for the short amount of time we were there.

Luckily I was able to give them all a hug and kiss and reassure them everything was going to be ok. I’ll just never forget the looks on their faces.

John Bastin