John Carolan, MA-TF1 Technical Search Specialist


I was 25, three years before I got my ticket for the Hudson Fire Dept. I was replacing a sliding door in Stow. It was a beautiful fall day and the radio was turned up. We soon heard the breaking news and not long after the home owner came out and told us we should come inside and watch the tv coverage. We sat in her family room for three hours and never took off our tool belts.

I distinctly remember watching the USAR teams on the pile over the next several days. I also remember the ache in my chest from the feeling that I wanted to help. I wanted to be there. The events of that day had a profound effect on my future and pushed me towards a career in the fire service (to the chagrin of my father, a career civil servant and son of police officer who died in the line of duty).

Six years later, as a young firefighter looking for more training in tech rescue, a colleague suggested the task force. I’ll never forget the end of the conversation, “they don’t pay but offer some great training”. When I brought up the website and saw the picture of TK on the pile at ground zero I was sold.

I am honored and extremely proud to be a member of MATF1 and I’m also humbled by the professionals, masters of their perspective crafts, who call me brother on the team.  I have the utmost respect, and admittedly a little jealousy, for those of you who served our country at ground zero and all of the sacrifices that made that possible. Most of all I look forward to serving with all of you in the future.

Stay Safe

John Carolan

Technical Search Specialist