John Forristall, Captain Boston Fire Special Ops Division, Rescue Specialist, Squad C

John Forristall

As I reflect on 9/11 twelve years later, something Mark writes about really hits home for me. I happened to be off that day from my job as a firefighter on Rescue 1. I had driven 2 of my kids to school that morning. Both of them were transfer students to the Salem schools that September as we had moved from East Boston during May earlier that Year. Jenna was entering 6th grade and Joe the 2nd grade. After witnessing the attacks unfold on television, realizing before the first tower collapsed what was happening and that I probably would be heading down to help I had my “Head in the Game” early on, beginning to concentrate on the job that lied ahead. My regret was not thinking to say goodbye to my two kids in school that morning. I got to kiss my wife and 1 year old daughter before I left telling her I would be fine and be working with professionals, the best of the best. It wasn’t until I returned that I realized what a profound affect it had on the kids, especially my oldest who for years later could not let me walk out the door without knowing where I was going and when I would be home. A valuable lesson and another part of 9/11 “I will never forget”.

John Forristall, Captain Boston Fire Special Operations Division, Rescue Specialist, Squad C