Thomas G. Gatzunis P.E. STS, MA-TF1

We Will Never Forget

I was not on the team in 2001.  I was the Building Commissioner in a municipality and I was also the Chairman of the Massachusetts Board of Building regulations and Standards (the board that writes the building code).  I remember feeling a sense of failure as I watched the towers collapse, failure that we as regulation writers had not done enough to protect out first responders!   I pledged to myself that I would work to better protect those first responders, as well as the general public.  I know we can never protect everybody from everything, but we must try to do whatever we can.   It is for these reasons that I have dedicated my career to public service and doing everything I can to hep others.  One of my greatest accomplishments in doing that was joining the Team of the most dedicated professionals I have ever met, MATF-1.

To all of you who were on the Team them I can only say Job Very Well Done!

Thomas G. Gatzunis P.E. Commissioner Department of Public Safety