Day 5 – Saturday 15th

Slow start today.  The night shift had stood down at 3:50 AM and not much has happened since.  The Day shift is in a holding mode in our rehab tent.  Around 10:00 we got a call from the BOO at the Javits Center that Tom Carrerio’s wife is about to go into labor.  The BOO makes arrangements to send Tom home and Chuck Flanagan replaces Tom.

Representative from NEXTEL stopped by our Command Post and took measurements of signal strength of their cell sites.  Most of our members used NEXTEL phones at the time and we had significant problems getting a good signal.  They worked with Bill Yee our Comms Specialist and by reducing power at some of their sites and installing some equipment behind our Logistics tent, we had solid coverage for the rest of our stay.

Wireless tech working on NEXTEL coverage in our Command Post.

It was on the 15th that a large American Flag was hung from the 25th Floor of the building on West Street facing the WTC.


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